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Today, on the 01.04.2023, our online fund management platform is officially launched, and we begin our productive work to your benefit!


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Website security

We take very serious responsibility for security and privacy issues. Any problem arising in our advanced monitoring system is resolved as soon as possible by a special team. Our team will always do everything possible to provide the latest and most applicable security solution, as we always strive to achieve a higher level of “quiet” and effective protection. You can be sure that your personal information and our communication will remain confidential, they are securely encrypted, and securely stored in a remote modern data center. We believe that our members should not worry about security problems at all, so our team of security specialists will effectively solve any problems behind the scenes. We will continue to protect your funds and privacy by all means. Your trust is our asset, we will ensure it, and never compromise. The Alpha Capital Ltd team is always at your service!


Alpha Capital Ltd SAFETY

Data Isolation, Integrity, and EV SSL:

Your sensitive information is stored on a high-performance backup server using a special RAID configuration to ensure data integrity. Our internal database is located on a separate server in an unknown place, with encrypted isolation and permanent backup for instant recovery in case a of break-in. We installed the "SSL certificate for advanced verification" with 256-bit data encryption and up to 4096-bit for the certificate. SSL is always used to secure financial transactions and data entry.

DDoS Protection & 24/7 Monitoring:

At the same time, we use the best services to prevent DDoS attacks increase server protection against distributed denial of service attacks and to increase our availability. We have also developed a unique filtering system using our dedicated software and a high-end hardware firewall to ensure clean traffic. Highly qualified system administrators specifically manage and constantly monitor the possible occurrence of system backdoors. Ultimately, our goal is to provide quick access to the site without problems and a friendly environment.

Service Confidentiality:

One of the most important advantages of using our Alpha Capital Ltd platform is the fact that your personal information and income always remain 100% confidential. This fact provides your peace of mind to focus on your finances and plan your investment strategy and safely achieve your goals. However, if you believe that your account has been hacked in any way, please contact us through our form as soon as possible. Alpha Capital Ltd support is always at your service!



Security of transfers and funds in Alpha Capital Ltd:

Time and experience taught us self-discipline, which we applied by setting some basic rules. The most important of these is our "Net Capital" rule, designed for internal regulation, which requires us to always ensure the safety of funds through their promotion, and at the same time maintain an adequate level of liquidity in our internal accounts timely meet withdrawal requests from our members. Thus, digital funds hosted on our platform are processed quickly and are daily transferred to separate accounts protect them from possible hacking. We will always take the necessary actions to always be one step ahead and save the funds of our members at all costs.

Customized platform security Protocols:

The main advantage of using the services of our platform is the fact that the information and income of your account are 100% confidential and always under your control. This fact guarantees you peace of mind to focus on your strategic plans and goals. However, if you believe that your account has been hacked, we ask you: please contact our support team (there was no case that we could not solve yet). Alpha Capital Ltd support is always at your service!