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Today, on the 01.04.2023, our online fund management platform is officially launched, and we begin our productive work to your benefit!


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The number seven is the mathematical essence of our growing platform and an integral part of our daily work. After many years of experience and testing, we came to the conclusion that by incorporating number 7 in our business model, we will be able to achieve higher degrees of stability and profit.

The higher goal of the Alpha Capital Ltd platform is to maximize the balance of interests between you (the participant) and the enterprise. To accomplish this task, the company has developed a formula for the distribution of funds with the number 7 at its core in order to profit from the margin of supply and demand.

What is Alpha Capital Ltd platform?

Alpha Capital Ltd is a digital media distribution platform for titanium and its sub-products. The Alpha Capital Ltd platform is not directly connected with any management companies and does not involve its participants in trading or communicating with investment brokers. Our group directs funds to a well-established company that invests in the distribution of titanium fiber and other enterprises get sufficient benefit for all participants. The key objectives of the Alpha Capital Ltd platform are: providing highly liquid (short and medium terms) financially profitable plans that our members can choose to make money on the Internet. Our platform’s easy-to-use interface allows members to transfer digital money quickly and safely. With the help of Alpha Capital Ltd services, the company promises to continue to take further steps to ensure the return of investment, which improves our mutual growth.

Opening an account with us is absolutely free and completely confidential with our strict security protocols for authenticating transactions and protecting confidential information.


Top 10 List of countries

by titan production

  • 1 China
  • 3,500,000 tonnes
  • 2 Peru
  • 1,520,000 tonnes
  • 3 Australia
  • 1,450,000 tonnes
  • 6 India
  • 750,000 tonnes
  • 4 United States
  • 720,000 tonnes
  • 5 Canada
  • 670,000 tonnes
  • 7 Kazakhstan
  • 630,000 tonnes
  • 8 Bolivia
  • 510,000 tonnes
  • 9 Mexico
  • 495,000 tonnes
  • 10 Ireland
  • 300,000 tonnes

Top 10 List of countries

by Alpha Capital Ltd investor statistics

  • 1 Russia
  • 5,000,000 tonnes
  • 2 Canada
  • 3,900,000 tonnes
  • 3 Spanish
  • 3,850,000 tonnes
  • 4 United States
  • 3,100,000 tonnes
  • 5 Mexico
  • 2,400,000 tonnes
  • 6 Indonesia
  • 1,900,000 tonnes
  • 7 China
  • 1,860,000 tonnes
  • 8 Belarus
  • 1,500,000 tonnes
  • 9 Ukraina
  • 1,240,000 tonnes
  • 10 Poland
  • 600,000 tonnes


A brief history of the titanium fiber market trend:

At the beginning of 2005, the demand for titanium fiber material began to grow exponentially, especially with the advent of new orders for wind turbines reinforced with titanium fibers and aircraft with massive use of titanium in construction. In 2008, we noticed a sharp surge in global demand for various titanium fiber products around the world, in contrast to significantly low volumes of supplies. At first, we expected a market correction, but this did not happen, so over the next 3 years our analysis concluded that the lack of supply was not due to a shortage of land resources, but to a shortage of new fiber producers and low processing efforts. Having gained a deeper understanding of the nature of this issue and established appropriate "internal connections", we have been able to observe short-term (and long-term) transactions since then. At the beginning of 2013, the number of new monthly supply contracts nearly doubled. In the last couple of years, Titanium shipments continued to grow by 4-5 million kg (per year). Currently, manufacturers are still unable to cope with the growing demand, leaving the tendency to "buy" titanium in a state of constant growth.

Background on Alpha Capital Ltd and our core values:

In fact, we are a group of entrepreneurs with a passion for effective business models, where our time and energy can also be used to achieve good goals and obtain high passive profits. Over the past decade, various industries have been involved in our fields of activity, which has helped to hone our experience. Among them, some are useful: logistics of import/export of basic goods and electronics (a couple of us have more than 12 years of experience in this field), the development of a private platform for cross-asset trading and monitoring several applications of "money management". The path we decided to go was very difficult, but despite the difficulties, the sense of accomplishment always made us look for new ways and keep open. Our most important asset is time, and we protect it at all costs, it is reflected in all our business strategies and investment practices up to this day, including the site "Alpha Capital Ltd", which was created with passion and efficiency.

A 7

Bright future


Staying true

To our success principles and company ideals.

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